Learning Culture: Change from Within

“Many organizations want to develop a Learning Culture. This is logical, because in a learning culture employees are more happy and productive. Changes and innovations get off the ground more easily. And organizations are more flexible and inclusive”.

Patrick Bijman, member of the SOL development team for this MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

“In a world that is becoming increasingly connected and complex, the only source of sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s ability to collectively learn, unlearn and relearn faster than the competition. Learning therefore, needs to be woven into the cultural fabric of every organization to ensure that it can maintain a perpetual state of readiness to respond to the unexpected.”

This can be read in the introduction of the book “Workplace Learning”, by Nigel Paine. He is a specialist on the subject of developing a Learning Culture. In this MOOC you can find a lot of inspiration, methods and tools to develop and maintain a Learning Culture in your organization. Inspiration from specialists but also from best practices. Because we know that is ultimately the final game changer!

This MOOC, developed by the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL), is organized in the following way:

  • Introduction: We start with sharing our SOL-vision on why we think it is important to create a Learning Culture for our focus group (the L&D professional). We challenge every participant to do the Learning Culture test (reality versus aspirations) and to write an Action Plan along the way.
  • WHY?: We continu discussing the question why it is important to create a Learning Culture for your own organization.
  • HOW?: It is followed by giving answers to the question of how to realize such a Learning Culture in practice.
  • WHAT?: This input finishes with presenting and discussing best practices of Learning Cultures in several countries around the world.
  • Results: We conclude this MOOC with a personal reflection. What did you learn? What are you going do with the results? How can you help others with your new insights? What are your first steps in your Action Plan? Start putting theory into action and fire up one or more experiments.

We focus ourselves in this MOOC on the learning team within organizations (L&D / HR). If you follow all the steps, you automatically create a Learning Culture Action Plan. By sharing your inspiration and learnings with the SOL Community you receive the SOL Learning Culture Certificate.

You have three options:

  1. Individual: You work in this MOOC just by yourself. Use it as inspiration and/or make your action plan alone.
  2. Team: The end result probably will be substantially better if you join forces with one or more colleagues and create your action plan together.
  3. Community of Practice: Each quarter SOL Netherlands starts up a Community of Practice on how to develop a (more) Learning Culture. You can join this CoP (English speaking), use this MOOC to work on your action plan and learn from other learning teams trying to develop a (more) learning culture in their organization.


TIP: Don’t do this alone!

The result of these Online Inspiration Sessions will be substantially better if you participate in this together with one or more of your colleagues.